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A Series on Sex, Love, Relationships

Director of Ausloans Strathalbyn
South Australia’s Leading Finance Brokerage
Public Speaker & Business Coach

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Dear Diary

I think it’s important in the beginning of any budding relationship to keep grasp of what you truely want & need and those things that...

Dear Anonymous,

There is alot of layers to this!! The biggest and most important thing really though is what do you want? What would you like to do? If...

Dear Anonymous -

To me honesty is huge! Now there is not being honest and lying…… or there is simply just not opening enough to feel like your being...

Dear Anonymous,

Honestly, let’s say there is a time and place for everything… But i don’t believe in hiding things or screwing people around. It’s not a...

Dear Diary,

True! Well somewhat you are right, of course there are exceptions to the rule but in a lot of circumstances we see men in relationships...

Dear Anonymous,

It certaiIt certainly could mean that…. How are your conversations when you are talking? Detailed? Connective? Bright & flowing? I can...

Dear Anonymous

I can feel that this is a tricky situation here and honestly there is a lot there to consider. Firstly being 15, right or wrong it is...

Dear Anonymous,

I am sorry you are feeling this way! We all have parts of ourself we don’t like, some more than others but we can also get in a pattern...

Dear Annoymous,

I would ask, does this keep coming up for you? Is this the first time you have thought about this? I would guess probably not if you have...


Love can come in all different shapes and sizes! My mini me, she completes me 🥰 But hey, there’s one for you? How does one juggle...

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