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How do I know if my partner really loves me?

Ohhh Anonymous….. I have sooo many questions right back to you in order to answer this question for you.

There are a lot of things this could be…..

Firstly you are asking does your partner truely love you? Either there is something going on for you right now, something doesn’t feel quite right and you are struggling to feel the ending….

OR - you have had some struggles in the past that you are having trouble letting go of and the doubt is setting in…

If we ask ourselves where does this come from? Why am I feeling this? Why do I wonder? It is almost never the original questions we once asked our selves…

I would ask you - are you and your partner currently having any struggles? Does this feeling come from within you? Or come from them….

IE- Do you feel like your partner treating you in a way that makes you feel like they do not care? Dismissing you and your feelings, not showing you compassion, care, consideration… Not making your best interests a priority? Not giving you or your relationship any time, energy or devotion? Do you feel they treat you as if they do not love you? Which is leading to you questioning what this is? Is it love? Am I loved? Or is this just something else? (As I write and ask you these questions, and as you read… Listen to that little voice in your head that’s answering, yes, no or arguing with me, that split second intuitive response in your head is that voice to be listening too, not the one that follows with logic, reason and doubt afterward)

Everyone loves in their own way, everyone has been loved in different ways.. Only WE know what we truly crave and desire, only we know our own boundaries, and expectations and what we are prepared to live with… We all have a line, Mayne those are just in different places? Maybe this isn’t the right thing for you, maybe it’s not the right time, or maybe just have such mix matched needs and expectations it’s not going to work….

OR if you have had some pain and trauma in relationships before and this feeling his not at all coming from your partner but from within you that’s an entirely different conversation…

You feeling un loved by your partner because YOU don’t feel that love for yourself, that worthyness, that thrill, that awe or that desire.. Maybe there’s the small part of you which doesn’t feel deserving or wonders why are they even with me? How can they really love me?

Maybe you were hurt badly in the past by a past situation that it shook you to your core and made you not only question the love they had for you but the love you had for yourself and the love others could possibly have for you too..

I don’t wish either scenario onto you, but I can say although the first scenario does happen, often this feeling of questioning can come from our own self doubt & past experiences just as often if not more than a partner not feeling it, we do just all deal with things and express in very different ways.

PS. Dear Anonymous - I would love for you to reach back out to me personally after this response, lets have more of a conversation around where this feeling is coming from for you and lets help you overcome it once and for all…

Together, or apart…. Partnered, or single….

You are loved, you are worthy, you are beautiful, brilliant, unique, and awe inspiring in your very own unique way and THAT is an incredible thing!

xx Jenaya

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