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Dear Diary, when is the right time to start having sex once you meet someone?

Dear Anonymous,

To be honest I remember as a young girl or teenager watching movies and there’s the big debate - do you kiss on the first date? Whens the right time to do it?

Though it seems to be now everyone is having the same conversation about sex! We are alot more sexualised now than we were even 20 years ago, it’s less taboo and more okay to just go for it, but when’s the right time?

Well there’s no real answer to that is there?! Because that’s different for everyone, yeah you might be looking for a relationship OR just someone to hook up with and either way that could still mean date 1, 20, or after marriage and

What’s right for one person may not be right for another so I guess the thing to remember is that EVERYONE IS DIFFERENT, what’s okay for you may not be okay for someone else. So 1, we need to find those people that do gel with us and what we want, and are supportive of where we are at…. And 2, we need to be conscious, aware and open as to where we are at so that we can communicate that when the time comes without too many concerns.

We need to accept and respect everyone individually for where they are and how they want to do live and understand that sometimes that’s going to gel, and sometimes it’s just not.

Only you truely know what, when and who is right for you. You are the only person that knows how soon is too soon, or what’s just too long for you, you know what you are prepared to do, and tolerate dnd what you are not..

& all you can really do is know that, trust in that, go with that and be confident enough in yourself that you are making the right choices for yourself at all times.

My number one piece of advice to anyone is Be True to yourself….

Date 1, or date 20, or ever at all….

There’s no right answer, find the people who gel and support you to be you, do what makes you feel comfortable when you feel comfortable and most importantly don’t allow a stigma or what you think someone else thinks rush you into anything that you don’t feel totally comfortable with…

Being the odd one out isn’t always easy, but you will never regret those moments where you true to yourself at the end of the day..

The people who weren’t okay with you honouring you, were not the people you were meant to be with in the first place

<3 <3 Jenaya

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