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Dear Diary

I think it’s important in the beginning of any budding relationship to keep grasp of what you truely want & need and those things that you may consider red flags for yourself.

It’s important before getting into or even seeking a relationship that you have at least some idea of what you do and don’t want but more importantly what you do and don’t deserve….

What are the things you stand for? That are important to you?

Your values? Your morals? Your ideals?

What things in your life that are most important to you?

Other people aside, what are the things you love most in your life? What do you feel you are missing? Which parts of you, do you love & value the most? What are the best things about you, as a person; mentally; physically; spiritually?

Yes someone may come into your life who sweeps you off your feet & is nothing that you expected & that’s okay, maybe they have traits that line up with you & your values or what important to you at your core without all of the surface level stuff in a different way than expected… Maybe they bring more to your life than you imagined, maybe it’s a completely different way. This is amazing….

Maybe they adore you, maybe the exceed the imagination, maybe they tick your boxes..

When it’s a concern is when you are making excuses for someone from the beginning, or neively saying to yourself it’s okay it won’t be like this for ever, this is just right now…

When you can bury yourself in a cloud of lust, excitement, chemistry & over look what’s really important this is when we loose balance over ourselves.

It can be hard to learn from past experiences, it can be hard to seperate reality in real life.

If someone amazing comes along who is nothing like you expected, If someone comes along who surprises you - brilliant, be open, don’t close yourself off, value, cherish what’s in front of you & the opportunity for something unexpected..

But keep a level head while your watching out for red flags. Do you need to make excuses for their behaviour? Do you have aligned values? Do they treat you as if you matter? Is it real & pure? Have they shown you they are in this? Have they shown you they have your back? Are they doing things where you are saying to yourself oh I wouldn’t like this long term, but it’s okay it won’t be forever… Are you in the moment, hoping for a change later?

Live, & love with a pure open heart….. But don’t give that to just anybody…

Give that to the person who sees you for you!

Who values who you are!

Who cherishes you in every moment!

For the person devoted to you, who is honest, pure, genuine…

The person who has your back & your best interests at heart.

When you find your person hang on tight; show them their worth, what they mean to you, & commit to the journey…

But ensure the first step is valuing yourself, all that you are, all that you deserve & stepping forward into any relationship with 2 people who are incredible & independent together, as 1 who can create something even more amazing with an unconditional care, love & support for who each other are, where they are going & what they strive to become ❤️

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