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Dear Anonymous,

Honestly, let’s say there is a time and place for everything… But i don’t believe in hiding things or screwing people around. It’s not a game, if you are playing - let’s just be upfront about that.

So should you play hard to get? Or come in strong? Theres no right answer..

You should, be upfront with yourself about how you feel, what you want, what you need and expect before you even interact with anyone else and as this becomes present and relevant and share it with the people you interact with. Remembering what you feel and want, may change over time also and that is okay.

It is important for you to feel valued, chased, cared for, like someone else has an interest in you and they will meet you where they are at, different things with different people in different stages.

Theres comfort in taking steps and meeting people where they are at, but coming in to strong can also just as discomforting, it’s an important tip tow of blurred lines while you get too know people and how everyone feels in different moments and situations.

We’re human, we want to be wanted, we want to feel needed, we want to feel like someone else is yearning for us, like we are desired, important, let’s face it like there is someone who just wants to rip our clothes off and ravish us… But it’s important to know that that is not just a you thing, other people feel this way too, so while you are holding back or holding out, trying to play hard to get, there’s a line… Where it’s fun to chase, where it’s fun to want, then…. Where you just plain feel like it’s too hard, to much effort, not reciprocated…. So what’s the point….

Thrill of the chase, then reciprocated, feeling wanted and chased… VS just hard work….

You don’t want to come on too strong too soon and jump into things, red flags and all… Take your time to know yourself, what you want, need and desire, then as you begin to think or feel where this fits in directly with other people, sit with that, feel it, let it last, let it rise…..

Don’t jump head first into something that’s not reciprocated & scare them off, but BE HONEST about who you are and how you feel because ultimately hiding apart of yourself, or being on completely seperate pages was never going to work anyway, no matter what level or relationship you have….

In short, if you feel something, talk about it… If you want to experience something, try it. Go for it. You will always end up finding your people, and you’ll meet all the ones that were just never going to gel along the way but it’s a part of the process.

I feel it’s important for things to go both ways. You want to be chased, wanted, and ravished, yes…. But allow that feeling to be reciprocated, something that feels one sided if never going to last even if you wanted it too.

<3 Jenaya

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