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I feel like my partner & I are speaking a different language in the bedroom....

Dear Anonymous

There are 2 ways you can look at this, we are speaking a different language - oh no, we don’t match…

Or here’s a very unique opportunity to broaden your experience and horizons in ways you perhaps had not imagined we before.

Just like we all communicate and respond in different ways and take in information differently, often sex can be like that too..

Sometimes it can come to a shock to the system as we have all grown up being desensitised to the same sex scenes, and scenarios on tv, movies, even magazines and porn. At some point we feel like we come to know what to expect. But at times, things can rattle us and as we pull back layers as us as people and human beings, then add to that our own experiences and desires and how we communicate you can end up with 2 totally different languages..

And that doesn’t mean its over and out, as we all speak, respond and hear in different ways, the same thing can happen in the bedroom. You could stay closed off and only spend time with the people that speak the same language as you sure, OR you could begin to open yourself up to hearing, and responding to different languages on different levels too..

Sometimes in a sexual relationship this can end up breeding frustration, disconnection, the feeling of not being understood or accepted…

In my adult life, in this area I have come across one incredible tool I swear by, single, partnered for a day or 40 years I suggest you do this..

If you google Jaiya and the Erotic Blue Print Quiz - this is 15 minutes that has the potential to change your life…

To put it simply this short quiz can help to break you up into percentages of Kinky, Sensual, Sexual, Energetic, Shape Shifter….

Personally understanding where you fit personally into these scenarios can help you to understand why you’re turned on, and off, the way you are, why these little things weigh up to big things, why maybe you can click in some ways but not others….

If you have a partner and they also do this quiz, understanding where they sit, and them where you sit can be powerfully transformative in understanding the depth of what turns them on and off and how. It can help to teach each of you how to further please one another, and what you can essentially do to support each other in that deeper level of fulfilment.

Understanding this about yourself, and understanding this about a partner, and them you; has the potential to create such a deeper level of understanding, connection and desire between you both. It can teach you to connect with each other on a deeper level knowing how to tick those boxes, and how to make things work in the way that your partner can most respond too..

It can teach you to understand “hear” they’re language and how they feel, and it can help them to understand the same for you bringing in heightened levels of connection and understanding between you for a better than ever sex life.

There is a lot of support you can seek out on the back end of this if still trying uncover the spark and connection, but taking this quiz, knowing where you are at, and understanding your own body and desires and why it is so can be life changing in it’s self. Remember too we don’t always just fit in one box, and just because we were one way before, doesn’t mean we will be that way forever so taking this when you feel a shift or a change, or a desire becoming more prevalent, even taking this when seeking out new partnership & having others do it too, can open up that deeper level or understanding and desire right from the beginning.

As always thank you for sharing, and I would love to hear from you again once you have taken this quiz yourself.

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