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B I G T H I N G S A R E C O M I N G - just #AskJenaya

All the learning, teaching and personal development I have done over the years has lead me right here....

I am strong, powerful, intelligent, insightful, confident, surprising, resourceful, connected & so many more things.....

& So are you!

But I’ve always had this pull; from side to side..

I am in I N T R O V E R T

I am E X T R O V E R T E D

YEAH. Work that one out

I am facts & figures, analytical, planned, organised, business minded...

But I also only need my plan to function, nothing actually needs to go to plan, I go with the flow, improvise, I’m unorganised, always late because I am busy right to the last second, empathetically connected with a strong desire to just help other people...

For years these 2 sides have had a slight pull from one way to the other...

Both paths are right.... Both paths are worthy.... Both paths are me! & I am not even a Gemini go figure

I’ve always had a part of me that felt without, that didn’t feel fulfilled, which didn’t feel like it was doing enough.... Because I had never truely acknowledged these 2 sides for all that they are, and all that I am and gone you know what F%#k it & I need to follow both... Until now!

My most recent personal development journey & undertaking a 6 month intensive leadership course helped me understand 6 Core Human needs I had never known even existed...

Connection & Belonging






In this time I very much realised, there’s always this pull, I never feel fulfilled, because I don’t give myself permission to follow both of my very unique sides....

So now I am, more will be expressed soon, and you will very soon see how different these two sides are!

But for now I would like to introduce you to #AskJenaya

Helping people, serving people, giving something back from all of these life lessons is my passion, & my purpose & what fills me up emotionally!

M A K I N G A D I F F E R E N C E !

For a long time I’ve known ONE DAY, I want to help couples, I want to help couples better connect, better communicate, & I want to hold small grouped retreats where couples RESET & come back together stronger, happier, more connected & fulfilled than ever before!

Where this begins for me is now; Introducing my Sex, Love & Relationship journey - Helping Coupes Rekindle their Passion & Desire through Deeper Levels of Communication & Connection.

For now, you can find me live & online on both facebook and Instagram with my Anonymous, Dear Diary, Ask Jenaya series

@jrhuxx on fb/Insta

Think of it like the Sex, Love, Relationship advice collum you would see & read in magazines growing up.

Write in Dear Diary with your thoughts, your sex, love, relationship stories, problems, questions, or advice you need.. It could be anything!

Get live advice, real advice, real support, with love & heart.

Maybe you’ve got some questions, maybe you need some support, maybe a friend is going through something or there’s something you just always wanted to know?!

I am excited for igniting the fire under my passion for helping people in a very unique, raw, honest & real way.

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