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Respect Yourself

You can not put a Price on your Self Respect ❤️

Well maybe you can but you shouldn’t…

Sometimes standing up for yourself can be tough…

Sometimes saying enough is ENOUGH it tough…

Sometimes saying NO when knowing else will is tough…

Sometimes know one agrees but you know wholeheartedly within your being what is right for you…. & that can be tough…

Standing up when know one else will./

Committing to you!






Sometimes backing yourself while know one else will can be tough!

But at the end of the day all you have left is the feeling that you are left with, the knowing you did what you could, the knowing you kept your ground on what you stood for….

The respect you have for yourself at the end of the day is not worth folding for….

Being proud & loving who you are, where you are going & who you want to become ❤️

You are your most valuable asset….

Treat yourself that way ❤️

Know your worth, know your value & commit to treasuring all that you are & all that you want to be ❤️

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