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Dear Diary, I've just been through a break up... How will I know when I am ready to let go?

Dear Anonymous Reality is breaking up is almost always tough!! If its not, then you know for sure that was the right move!! But break ups can be hard, you can be left with doubt, fear, anger, sadness, resentment, questions…. It can make you question your self, your confidence, your experience, your memory, it can make you question other people! Was this right? Why did this happen? How did we get here? Will anyone else want me? Am I enough? What if they move on?? How will I fe

B I G T H I N G S A R E C O M I N G - just #AskJenaya

All the learning, teaching and personal development I have done over the years has lead me right here.... I am strong, powerful, intelligent, insightful, confident, surprising, resourceful, connected & so many more things..... & So are you! But I’ve always had this pull; from side to side.. I am in I N T R O V E R T I am E X T R O V E R T E D YEAH. Work that one out I am facts & figures, analytical, planned, organised, business minded... But I also only need my plan to functi

Relationship Goals, right?!

Relationship goals, right?! Why can’t we all be this cute!!? #askjenaya #deardiary #anonymous Need help with something in your relationship? Have a little problem? A question you just need support on? Confidential & anonymous! DM me your questions for live advice! Send me your cutest couple pics for features! #relationshipgoals #sexgoals #relationshipcoach #sexcoach #intimacyguide #love#partnership #parentswithkids

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