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Am I good enough?

Short answer…. YES!!!

The fact that we even ask ourselves or there is ever ere’ towards it is just ridiculous, but directly or not we question ourselves so often that it just comes back to am I really good enough?

Am I good enough for them?

Am I good enough to back myself?

Am I good enough to do that thing?

Could I really?

What if?

What if I don’t do it right? What if someone questions me? What I I cant?

But what If you could? What if you did? What if you were?

What if instead of taring your self down, or taring your self apart you just WERE..

What if you backed yourself 100%? Faultlessly, no matter the outcome, no matter the result, no matter who was watching….

What if instead of the seed of it all being am I really enough?’

Imagine if it was - I am fucking amazing!

You don’t need to scream out to the world LOOK AT MY EGO!! But how would you walk, how would you talk, who who would you be if you just knew deep down, any situation… It didn’t matter because you knew, you are fucking amazing!!!

I am not saying be someone else but imagine your stamina, your posture, your confidence if that is what was exuding your core?

We ask ourselves, am I enough?

YES you are, but if you don’t believe it how can you expect anyone else too.. Often in those situations even if we have people that wholeheartedly believe in us is makes no difference because we just don’t..

Is it EASY? NO!!

But can you do it? YES!

It does take training yes…..

Make a list, what are all the things you love about yourself? Physically? About who you are? About what you stand for? About the type of person you are? What are your favourite things? Your favourite traits…. What is most important o you?

Then catch yourself, become aware. Watch out for those moments where you are taring yourself apart or questioning your worth and say to yourself, “WOAH…. Hang on I am fucking amazing because ………..” & begin to train yourself, to remind yourself all the incredible reasons that you are you, and that you are perfect just the way you are…. Whole, loved, scared & complete…. Enough… Right here, right now.

<3 Jenaya


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