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You Are Powerful

Your thoughts are powerful, your voice is powerful, you are POWERFUL.. You just need to allow yourself to EXPRESS!

How many moments do you miss in life because you didn’t speak up?

Where you don’t ask the question?

Where you didn’t say what you were thinking?

Where you kept quiet when you could have said something….

Where you just hope that someone else will think your thought so you don’t need to be the one to say it, or suggest it?

Maybe you were scared or rejection? Their reaction? Being seen? Being heard?

Maybe you were just nervous? Scared of judgement? Maybe you didn’t want to be wrong? Or come across in the wrong way? Maybe you just didn’t want to FEEL it…..

But how many times have you let an opportunity pass you buy because you didn’t want to be seen?

How much has your life missed on because you froze up, instead of spoke up?

How many connections have you missed because you didn’t express your whole self in it’s truest from.

It’s a journey but i committed to myself to be guided by my intuition & if I am thinking something & it’s repeated inside, it needs to be said!

But for decisions or things I want that don’t involve other people that’s easy! If it’s something that involves saying something or doing something with someone else there’s That little girl nervous to speak because what if that feels confronting? The lack of control, that little bit of risk, that what if….

But sometimes that can still feel terrifying? It can make you feel vulnerable… Even in the safest environments!

I know over the years, especially when I was younger there were moments where I didn’t speak up! Where I should have! Where I should have made my real feelings known…. Where things would have turned out differently had I just listened to myself & expressed that!

I know I even got myself into situations that I didn’t need to be in simply because I didn’t speak up…. Or where my friends got themselves into situations & I said nothing when I should have done something, where I should have gone against the grain & into battle to speak up when intuition is screaming….

This is why I encourage people to listen to what’s within, to lead with what’s real, with what FEELS right, not what your head or logic are telling you…. Or what works for other people…

Even in this past week there were 2 moments, almost identical where I didn’t speak up & I should have, but I was scared, I felt vulnerable even though I was in a very safe supported space, & most likely speaking up would have only resulted in me getting exactly what I wanted all along….

I missed out, because I didn’t speak, I didn’t express, I didn’t risk…… I didn’t win…

Your thoughts are powerful, your voice is powerful, you are powerful.. You just need to allow yourself to EXPRESS!

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