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I honestly love & value the relationships & openness I have in my life.

I generally pride myself on being an open book, loyal, honest, real every step of the way.

I value those who enter my life & can meet me right there.

But my Dad is someone I feel really helped to instil my values of loyalty, integrity & honesty from a young age.

I remember many conversations growing up, even when we got to my teenage years of curiosity… Dad, do you do drugs? What sort of drugs did you go? How does that feel? How many people have you slept with? What’s the strangest place you’ve ever had sex?

I remember talking about honesty & sexual health, valuing your self & your body, your choices.

& I still pride myself on being able to ask questions in all areas of my life, which lead me to making the best choices for me.

I love the relationships that I have with my close family & friends, & I love the vast amount of honest conversations I can have with each person.

Of course, that is different things with different people but they are all open, honest, raw & true….

I might call my step mother to talk about my experiences, my bestie to nut things out, my nan for life things.

My Dad is someone I know has no judgement & supports my choices & my ability to make them. ❤️ But has also lived enogun of life to speak from personal experience.

I keep things private yes! I have a private life…. But I do recommend speaking to people about the things that you need to & finding those who can support you in your life & choices.

Often just speaking you can answer your own questions or thoughts just by saying them out loud, often hearing someone else respond & you thinking to yourself well, no…. I don’t actually feel that way can help you to discover what you really think & feel… If you allow yourself to be aware in those moments & at the end of the day the only right answer for you, is the one that feels right for you. Nothing anyone else says or does needs to align with you, what you choose to do, say, think or feel is what you need to be able to step forward & feel good about….

Long story short, I spoke to my Dad today & had an amazing conversation about Sex, Sexual Health, Dating, STI’s & Sexual Partners….. & though this was a great conversation, I absolutely just LOVE that I can call my Dad & have this type of conversation.

I love that as a 29 year old women, with a house, 15 animals & 2 kids - I can have THAT conversation safely, comfortably & without judgement with my Dad.

I feel like it’s a testament to our family, the personal work we have done on ourselves over the years, the values we hold, the love we have, & the lessons we’ve learnt & also the often unconventional way we were grew up.

I’d like to encourage people to open up more. Be real. Be you…. Be open…. Be all of you, & be loved for who & what you are, not just for what you are showing, but for are hiding….

Open up to those closest to you, & seek guidance, & support where you need it 🙌🏻

I can only hope that my children will grow up, to be as comfortable & comfortable with my & their close people to be able to dive deep without judgement & tackle the big stuff with those closest to them. ❤️

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