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Having been through my first 2 phases and being able to recognise that they were pivotal points in my life that forever changed my outlook, I feel like experience is a really exciting phase.

In feeling super connected and in tune with myself & my life I am feeling a really strong pull toward EXPERIENCE…

& just experiencing things!!

Big things, small things, fun things, uncomfortable things….

I feel a pull like a magnet, with a level of excitement and curiosity to live my life through experience and personally commit to myself to go for all the things and experiences I feel a pull toward..

Do I want to experience it?

Am I curious to see if I like it?

What could I learn?

Is there some joy in it!

This comes with all things from enjoying brunches, sunshine, couch time with my kids, feeling my animals.

Buying the clothes and things that make me FEEL amazing & just bring me joy & love.

Spending time with people who light me up…

Doing the things I always wished I could but never had or just those I am curious about….. Speaking of which - who wants to go Paint Balling with me?? & Speed dating!

Ive lived a lot of my life very much putting other people first and in a lot of ways I still do, but I have built my life and my lifestyle to the point now where I can still do that and allow my self to also live for me and jump into what ever experiences feel good for me!

Like taking all my siblings GO Carting!!

Like booking Comedy Shows, Mystery Picnics, Nights out, & Weekends away just because it brings my fun, curiosity & joy!

Like meeting new people and learning how other people live, and being able to experience life through someone else’s eyes a little bit and learn from those around.

Like going out and having fun with my friends for no other reason than to enjoy it!

Like experiencing - ———- not sure when if or how, but I am down for the right situation!

Like being —— —……… Like doing ——— because why not?

Like being ——- — ———- - —— — — —— ——…..

Like being ———- —- —— — — —— - —— — —- ——— — —- - —— ——~!!!

(Insert fun blanks here 😉)

Like going SPEED DATING!! Because who even does that? Like what would it even be like? I don’t even want to go there and “meet” someone, I want to go with a friend, leave with a friend and have an amazing time meeting people, being uncomfortable and awkward as fuck, out of comfort zone and actually just experiencing, learning what sort of people even go speed dating any way?

Like being able to go to Concerts again & Experience MOSH PITS!!! The biggest thing covid has done for me is got me yearning to get back to concerts & do fun things! I listen to music all the time and just think to myself awwwww I want to be there!

I want to continue my journey in personal development and continue to follow the paths it takes me on I have done leadership courses, events, seminars, and most recently become a qualified Sex, Love, Relationship coach which I really never ended up even writing about, I want to continue to learn about the history that excites me, learn about the nature of human design, our inner child, & time line therapy going through past lives!! ( Feel free to hit me up if you offer any of these services! )

Phase 3 is committing to life through experiences…..

With love, curiosity, joy & excitement, surrounding myself with all the people and experiences that just make me go, FUCK YES!


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