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A couple of days ago, this came up in my memories, & it hit me just when I needed to see it.


Sometimes in life we just need to step over that line and surrender!

Surrender to our emotions!

Surrender to our desires!

Surrender to our fears!

Surrender to the person we are, to become to person we WANT to Become!

Awareness is SUCH a strong and powerful thing!

It is something I TRUELY value, and learning about this has most definitely changed my perspective on people and life.

When you gain the ability to become aware, aware of your self, your emotions, the people around you and the reasons behind actions & expressions.

This is the Key to growth and the Key to Understanding!

Once you are aware... You can listen, access and then act with a full view rather than letting our thoughts or emotions run away with us stacking one confusing path on with another.

As I saw this, & read this I was feeling frustrated, stuck, on an edge, tense, there was a lot of emotion but inside my intuition was telling me to take a leep…..

This leep meant letting go of what I would call my security….

It meant backing myself & my team 100%

It meant putting my lifestyle, my family, my home, on the line for what I believed it.

But more importantly it meant standing the fuck up for myself.

Over the past couple of years I allowed people to walk all over me, to treat me as if I wasn’t important enough & this year I commited to myself that I wouldn’t do that.

I want to see people rise, to see people fly, to see people loving, happy & fulfilled….. I want to rise to that..

& I straight up just will not put up with anything less than myself & the people in my life deserve.

I am not going to have people ruling my life while lying to me, demanding, self serving, I am not going to be belittled by another or allow that to happen to anyone around me.

In this moment my intuition was saying jump, now was the time… this was it…

Then I read this, & said…

I surrender.

Surrender to my Intuition, to my worth, to my hearts desires. I surrender to steeping over the line, no matter what may be on the other side.

I surrender to committing to me, all that I am, and all that I stand for.

& as emotional, or confusing as that could feel, I am proud of myself for valuing myself to put it all on the line & step ❤️

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