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Learning to tap into my intuition was a life changing moment for me, I have lived a life where I would feel things then let logic and reason set in…. I would analyse, procrastinate, weigh up my options…. & of course sometimes this would be a good thing, though sometimes it left me in some pretty situations I should have just got out of.

I could always hear this little voice in my head, a thought pattern like an internal battle of logic…. I’d like to do this, oh but……… I don’t like this situation, oh but……….

I have been to a lot of personal events but it’s not until you hear a tiny something that changes your entire outlook on life that you can really understand what value they can truely hold..

I can’t even remember who said it or exactly how it came about but I remember attending an incredible & life changing even in the Gold Coast where I learnt about INTUITION & INSTINCT. That split second thought, feeling reaction….. That moment right before all of the internal arguments logic reason set in….Is that moment, that’s our intuition, that’s our instinct… The rest is just noise, it’s logic, it’s reasons, it’s what if’s. BUT we have trained that little voice over time to protect us, to stop us from doing or considering the unknown just incase… What if we get hurt, what if its not enough, what if you don’t know enough, what if it doens’t work out?

Well what if it doesn’t? What if it does? Does it always anyway? Do we walk through life feeling completely fullfilled that we went all in on every experience we wish we had? Do we walk around knowing we played full out and listened to our selves? NO!

A lot of us spend time wondering what would have happened if we did the thing in the first place, what if I did do that? What if I did take that risk?

What if I did the thing?

Attending this event made we AWARE what was happening inside of me, it made me aware that when I ask my self something, or I am asked something I have that split section reaction, which is followed by the internal… Maybe sometimes they are on the page but for the most part they are not.

I committed to myself in that moment that I would just start following my instinct & my intuition, I would start saying yes to that & ignore the rest and just see what happened.

I found myself happier, more connected, more in tune, experiencing more, feeling better, more confident…. & lost of my life changed.. I allowed my self to do and consider, even to say things I maybe wouldn’t have before….. I allowed my life to follow it’s own natural course without offering up my own blockages.

I learnt to tap into my intuition, and I played on my instincts..

If I were ever stuck I learnt to find myself a quiet space, away from everyone and every thing, close my eyes and to breathe….. Then to slowly just ASK myself a question….

In that moment I would listen to that answer & follow that.

If would listen for that answer, hear it, commit to it, & follow it…

I didn’t wait for the back up voice of but what if, I just did the thing, said the thing, felt the thing….. & offered myself into the experience.

This has stemmed to if it doesn’t feel right don’t do it, if it feels good do it! & this is very much the way I live my life.

Yes there is structure, there are plans and there is plenty of tracking but it all comes back to feeling, if it feels good do it.

I learnt to tap into this, I learned to listen to this and my life changed

For me this was listening to myself, listening to my heart, my intuition, my own source energy…

This was me committing to myself.

I could ask myself question after question and dive deeper and deeper if it needed to, asking my self, who, what why? Letting my heart & intuition reply to me in sentences…

Without letting the battle or reason or logic back in.

For me gut feeling, the first thought. That is the right answer as long as I can feel inside of my that it was raw, real and authentic and wasn’t a fear based reaction.

These do come up, but again its feeling into it, it’s asking my self where does this come from, was that the right answer for me?

Ignore the white noise, & live! Whole heartedly, authentically, genuinely YOU!

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