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I’ve spent a long time wanting to help people in their relationships better communicate, better ...

I’ve spent a long time wanting to help people in their relationships better communicate, better express, & better connect… But what’s funny is, I am actually single..

I think it’s the big walls at times in past relationships or the barriers you just can’t seem to break through as times, as well as watching this in the relationships around me, made my just yearn to be able offer some type of solution, or thought at least..

Reality is it doesn’t just happen, and it can’t happen if parties aren’t open or willing, you cant have a relationship with another human being If your the only one it in.

The only one there, the only one open, the only one committed, the only one putting in the effort.

Sometimes communicating can be hard, sometimes listening can be hard, sometimes stopping, letting the walls down or ego drop and just hearing, feeling, seeing beyond words can be hard..

But it comes down to a few things…


To be able to break down the walls we put up & get through that to be heard, felt, listened too and in turn to offer this to our partner, there must be an explicit level of trust, care, & compassion between you… A safety…. A knowing that all will be okay, that we can work through anything, that if open, honest & real, everything can be okay. A trust that were in this together, and trust that there is love not judgement…

Openness to hear, openness to listen, openness to feel… Letting the walls of stubbornness, ego, opinion or righteousness to drop to be seen, felt, heard, and really listened too..

A willingness to do it, yes its hard!! Yes its scary, yes there fear, but this is why we enter in a space of love, care, compassion, trust & openness.

Not just a willingness to listen, and feel, but a willing ness to EXPRESS….

We often keep our deepest desires, wants and needs tucked away in side of us for fear of one thing or another, few of us are truly feeling FULFILLED & CONNECTED…..

More of us should be…. With partnership, we need to find ways to break it down, to build up all of what we want, need, & desire, & let less fear, judgement, opinion, ego stand in the way.

<3 <3 Jenaya






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