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A Moment To Write

It’s been a while since I have given my self enough of a down moment to actually just write… & feel…

I’m at a time in my life where I am actually just feeling super connected with my self & grounded in life, yet when I think of what I want to say it often goes from one thing, and turns into another, then another..

It’s allowed me to reflect and to learn further from my own feelings and experience but then I feel discomfort delivering that when the end was never the intention where in the moment it just feels lost & and doesn’t feel right…

Through pain comes reflection…. Appeciation… Desire…. If we can take the step backs to allow the awareness of where we are at.

I’m feeling such a deep sense of grounding, connection & reflection. To myself, my path, to meaning…

Throughout time I feel there have been 3 distinct phases in my personal learning and growth journey thus far through moments I can pin point down to an exact moment that I took something in which changed my reality & the way I see the world, in turn changing my life turn my life….

PHASE 1 was


PHASE 2 was


PHASE 3 is


& that is the phase I am now allowing my self to more step into. Without fear, self judgement, without the over thought of what might be.. Just connected with self, certainty & desire…. With love, empathy, care & authenticity for every aspect.

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